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PUBLIC SERVICE PRODUCTIZATION A constructive approach on research, development and innovation process of University of Applied Sciences, ACTA UNIVERSITATIS OULUENSIS C 860

Kustantaja:Oulun yliopisto 
Tekijät:Juntti, Mirva 

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The growth of companies is critical in the renewal of any nation. Research has shown that companies collaborating with higher education are more innovative and development oriented, and more likely to grow in staffing and turnover and to penetrate to international markets. The new public management ideology, especially wrapped up in a funding method, has gradually forced the university of applied sciences (UAS) research, development, and innovation (RDI) services to enhance the performance in the industry. By productization, UAS are to adopt the design thinking ideology, to introduce service-dominant logic, and enhance public-private partnership. With well-designed services, the social and environmental impacts of UAS are intensified. It is the outmost target of new public management. With its constructive research approach, this dissertation was aimed at generating a new contribution to the conduct of RDI activities in the UAS context. It demonstrates the dimensions that alter the UAS RDI service encountering conditions. Furthermore, the study considers the challenges and cornerstones of the prevailing customer-oriented business model and reframes the uniform, systematic model to the UAS RDI service encountering process. This research is unique, as the academic service encountering process from the perspective of productization has seldom been the key issue investigated in research. The practical significance of the dissertation is to contribute to the exchange and experience of the UAS-industry collaboration. Keywords: design thinking, higher education, new public management, productization, public private partnership, service design, service design logic, university of applied sciences