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This study explores data-based value creation in the context of service delivery networks; specifically, a holistic preventive healthcare service in its development phase. The purpose of this study is to understand data-based value creation in service delivery networks by exploring 1) the nature and character of data-based value, 2) the key determinants of data-based value creation, and 3) the contextual characteristics of the service delivery network in relation to data-based value creation. In this way the study contributes to the fragmented research on value creation and networks. The empirical part of the study is conducted in the form of a qualitative single-case study. The data collection consisted of extensive observation and interviewing by the author as part of a research project. Eleven separate interviews were arranged with nine actors from the service delivery network to gain a descriptive and holistic understanding of the research phenomenon. The primary empirical data collection process was finalized in a final workshop wherein all the interviewed organizations were invited to provide feedback on the initial findings. In this study the potential value for each of the actors in the service delivery network was analyzed, which resulted in an improved understanding of how to conceptualize data-based value, emphasizing the ongoing, iterative, and multi-loci nature of data-based value. Secondly, the resources and activities inherent to data-based value creation were analyzed to discover the key determinants of data-based value creation. Thirdly, contextual analysis provided insights into the actors and roles in the service delivery network, as well as to the essential collective actions. The investigation of these aspects of the research phenomenon enabled the creation of a realistic overview of data-based value creation in service delivery networks. Finally, an empirically grounded model was synthesized to describe data-based value creation in service delivery networks as an iterative, multi-loci, and collaborative process with distinctive contextual characteristics. For the service providers of novel collaboratively facilitated data-based services, understanding the value, key determinants, and contextual characteristics of value creation is essential. This study provides justified propositions for the service providers on how to understand data-based value and factors influencing data-based value creation to collectively orchestrate the service delivery network and create value reciprocally. Keywords: collaboration, complex service systems, data, healthcare, service delivery networks, value creation